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The Catcher in the Rye - A summer in a glass and packing for Vienna

   You know how one is always in search for something to do on the plane? Something interesting to read, watch or to listen to?

As I finished my working day in the office and was packing my bag to fly to Vienna for a few days, I looked at my bedside table with that lovely flower bouquet and it made me think of one book - "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger.

   Now, many of you must have read that book at school and there is a chance it could be your favourite book as well. But I got inspired by that and had to immediately download it to my kindle to then read it on the plane to Austria that day.

Prestige Flowers, Niagra Bouquet

   You can also very well see my set up for when I am packing for the trips: a cup of green jasmine tea, some very dark chocolate, as it complements the bitterness of the warm tea well and an apple, which I grabbed once I packed and got ready. I usually just chew a fruit on the plane. And to hide nothing - it matches the picture perfectly :)

   One more thing - I often put an atmospheric music to add to the ambience and that allows me to pack stress free...or almost stress free :)

   You can get this bouquet as a one off with the next day delivery or get the monthly subscription for as many months as you would like on the Prestige Flowers website (3, 9 or 12 months subscriptions are available).

   The ones I like in particular are the National Gallery bouquets, you have Van Gogh bouquet available, Snow Scene by Monet (one of my favourite pieces of art, and bouquet matches that well), Da Vinci, and many more.
This particular bouquet comes from the Luxury flower selection and is called a Niagra, with avalanche roses cushioned with iris, thistle dashes and agapanthus.

What is your favourite book right now?

Thank you for stopping by x

2019 Goal Setting and Get Motivated to Achieve your Goals

Hi, my dear friend!

If you are reading this message that means you are very blessed and we will be seeing the arrival of the New 2019 together.
I hope you are in a good health and are on your way to new achievements and life lessons which will shape you to be an even better human than you already are.
It is not always the most pleasant experience, but it will definitely be worth it.
If you want to see how to plan for a better and smoother ride in 2019, prepare your nicest notepad and a cup of your favourite drink and get reading...

1. Make a list of people you need to think and care about in 2019 and keep it:
You need it to help you keep focused on the people which you truly care about. It is the same as writing goals - something new comes up in your life, you whip out your list with goals, check - whether this "new thing" going to help you achieve one of your goals or not. If it doesn't - you can safely skip it. Unless, of course, it's helping someone in need.

Same with people - your colleague is inviting you for a drink, and you know you have promised your grandma to take her out shopping - whip out your list of "Important people in your life" and check it - it will quickly help you to make the right decision.
As you can see - I have started my list with "Myself" as point number 1.
I strongly suggest you do the same. And keep your list at a place where it is easily accessible throughout the year.
It doesn't come naturally to me at all - to put myself first. But I am learning and I can see that in 95% of cases where people have asked me for help and I dropped everything of my own to help them - it was not urgent, they could either easily done it themselves or waited until I complete my own things first and then help them.

2. Start writing all your achievements down right from the 1st of January 2019:
(Remember, I asked you to prepare your best notebook. Thats why).
Why is it important to do straight away and not wait until the end of the year?
Because as the year goes on, you will have a lot of ups and achievements, but equally - a lot of downs. And in the moments when you are low, you won't remember everything good you have done and got accomplished so far.

With the notepad and everything nicely documented - you can just sit down, read it, get inspired, understand  "this too shall pass", wipe your tears away and go! You will get your confidence back up in no time.

3. Every day, no matter where you are and what you do - always ask yourself two questions:
a/ What am I feeling right now?
b/ What do I want right now?

And act accordingly. I dare you!

We go through our lives and see what our friends are doing, what we need to be doing for work, what are we expected to do for our families. But do we really want to do it?
Is it something we really need to be doing? Maybe ourselves and others around us would benefit a lot more if we were to do what we truly want and feel like doing.
This is the secret to your non-existent motivation! And to all the lazy people out there - you are simply NOT doing what you truly want.
There is only one person who can make any, ANY difference in your life - it is YOU!
Your seat is waiting - sit down and take charge of where you are going in 2019.

You have 8760 hours in the year of 2019. Out of which you will be asleep for about 2920 hours and maybe even more.
In total you are left with 5840 hours to do something. It is so little, especially if you start watching where do you spend each hour of your day. So the 2019 will go by and you will just about manage to blink few times.
If you don't want to be that sad person with "no achievements" at the end of 2019, act now. Go and start with following the only 3 points of advise I left for you above. That is all you need, I promise.

As for me - the main lesson I learned in 2018 - is how to be more present in the moment - notice all the little things and stop and take time to inhale the smells around you, hear the noises around you, see the smiles of people...
And I will continue improving on this skill in the upcoming year. Hopefully by the end of the 2019 I will be a guru in this :)

This gorgeous flower bouquet is from Prestige Flowers. And I am in love with how well it fitted into my interior and has also replaced the aromatic Christmas tree as well, which I didn't have.  It came with all three of the lilies closed, but they opened exactly on Christmas day. This was a wonderful surprise to all of us.

Cinnamon sticks in the bouquet kept adding to the gorgeous aroma of the clementines - the king fruit of this season.

To remind you, my friend, that the days of our life are running fast and we don't have as many as we think we do!
So make the right priorities, as you don't have time for everything.

With all my love and best wishes for each one of you for the Happy New 2019 xx

Write below what are your goals for the 2019?