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Lake Como - the best city break in June

   I have a list with countries and cities I want to visit before the end of 2016, and Lake Como (together with few other lakes) has always been on that list, not only for this year, but for many years before.

   And this day has arrived - Mr A has booked our tickets, our hotels and off we went. For a 4 day trip to Italy...again.

Spring 2016 Beauty Favourite Products, Which Follow Me Into the Summer

   The spring has finally come to an end - last week's weather in UK made me think we skipped summer and jumped straight into the autumn. But from yesterday, the weather has got more and more gorgeous and I can smell the fresh cut grass in the evening.
   Now, throughout the entire spring I have been using and accumulating some beauty favourites of mine and I would like to share those with you. They seem to work well for me and I will be definitely repurchasing them all when they run out.

   I will go through each section of my body step by step below: what I use, when and what part of my body for.