Friday Evening with Byron

   We both had a rather dragging week, especially weeks after Christmas break are always going slowly, until you are fully back into the saddle.
   Seeing how I was, my boyfriend took me out to one of my favourite places, Byron Hamburger.
This is one of the few which are call a warm, satisfying cozy place.
Byron's Interior is very stylish and almost unique, with a note of industrial feel, for each restaurant we have been to so far.
   Despite this restaurant chain being relatively new to the consumer market, the very first Byron was ever opened in 2007, on Kensington High Street, they are doing a rather good job.

   Both myself and my boyfriend and vegetarians and a place which serves a good hamburger to a vegetarian is always high on my list.

Table full of food

   This time I went in for the Bean Patty, with no bun option. Where in exchange for the bread you get a side of salad. Yummy!

Vegetarian Burger Patty with sides

   He went for the same option, but with a bun instead. Boy likes to eat a lot. We got two sides with it: Macaroni Cheese and Skin on Fries. Which were tried and tested previously and remain our favourites.

Holding a Fry with Sauce Dripping
Look, this piece of tomato is rather big...
Tomato on a fork

   My boyfriend enjoyed the feast as well. While I have been vegetarian all my life, I went pescetarian for few years and recently switch back into being a vege person, he was always a full meat lover and eater. So when we visited the Byron restaurant previously, Mr. A confirmed he loved their full meat, double and single burgers just as much. I have to trust him. 

Sipping the Byron Milkshake

Byron Milkshake with Maple and Salted Popcorn

   Highlight of our visit to Byron was their selection of milkshakes. I even have to admit sometimes I have cravings for that substance of malt, ice-cream and whatever flavours they have seasonally. Last time we picked a Maple and Salted Popcorn milkshake. As usual, the straws or spoon can be stood vertically in there with no support, that's how thick it is. Ummm...
Just a note - one portion of this goodness it too big for one person, so you will want to share. Or just call once of the lovely waiters and ask them to pack it with you, home or for the road. All staff here is super friendly and are always doing their best to accommodate your needs. 

   Byron is running a promotion now, where you can get a ticket and treat your friend for free burger each Thursday, until the end of January, 2015. 
You just have to fill this form out and wait for the ticket to be delivered into your inbox if you are the lucky one. They have a limited amount of those every week, so don't leave it too long. 

   Let me know if you have tried the Byron out already. 
   All the best!

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