Christmas 2015 in Brugge, Belgium

   I know the Christmas time is now officially over, at least in the countries which celebrate the Catholic Christmas, so the usual, on the 25th of December. However Orthodox Christmas was on the 7th of January and the Orthodox New Year is today.
  We decided to stop in Brugge on our way to the further part of Belgium. And after you read the below you will see why I don't regret the journey and the fact we had to leave in the middle of the night on Sunday for that.
   Christmas Brugge welcomed us with the drizzling rain and grey clouds, which is the first time I see such weather for all my previous visits. We parked our car and went for a "walk", where we both quietly knew we are looking for a good place to eat.
Brugge, wooden souvenir, amber

Christmas Wreath hanging on the door with red ribbon

   While walking by and enjoying the pretty streets and all the little houses and bakeries adorn in the shades of green and red.

Wet street after the rain, red doors
   ...and a bit of grey skies and houses, and red again...
   This photo didn't come as nicely as I hoped, but just look at that little pug in his red Christmasy suit
Horse carriage, central square, pug in a christmas jumper

   Eventually we were so hungry that we stopped in the very central restaurant we could find, which we never usually do: Tom Pouce.
   Look at how festive it is:
Tom Pouce Restaurant

   Being both vegetarians, there were two choices we go for. We both went for omelettes, mine with mushrooms and his with extra tomatoes. I cant remember the second choice, so you can check their menu here.

Girl eating omelette, chips

   Food was yummy and a good portion. The only thing which was disappointing is how busy the place was and therefore the service lacked personal approach to the client and waiters definitely were not friendly. If you have been there and share the same experience or perhaps the very opposite, feel free to share.
   After food we proceeded to walk through the street with festively decorated shops towards the main square.

Chocolate fountain, girl in front of the shop
   I like to select all different kinds of chocolates in this shop - "La Belgique Gourmande" and bring those ribbon tied boxes back home as gifts. 
Golden box of chocolates

Kathe Wohlfahrt, wooden toys, Christmas shop
   If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Christmas at any time of the year, this is the shop you have to visit - "Kathe Wohlfahrt". Its open all year round and its always Christmas in there, those old wooden toys, snowmen and moving steam engines, which kids and adults love so much.
Wooden Christmas toys
   Next on the plan was the Central Square and of course, ice-skating. It was very busy and lively all around the rink, locals and tourists or all kind were enjoying themselves. 

Ice skating rink, people skating

Girl on ice, skates

Girl on ice, evening town

    The air started to get nippy and the sky darker, so it was time to get a waffle and warm ourselves up.
Waffle in Brugge, girl eating a waffle

Waffle with cream

    Shops and streets got all theirs lights on, and the streets started to smell more and more of something warm and sweet.
Christmas street, lighted houses and shops
 Lovely atmosphere with the happy crowd and proper thick hot chocolate with cream.

Hot chocolate, thick, central square background

   I love that you can come to Brugge all year round, repeatedly and it will still feel like magic to you,  there is always Christmas, all year round - with its chocolate sweets, a proper Christmas shop, waffles with the gooey center and horse carriages. 
   Have you been to Brugge? Did you like it?

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