The Valley Gardens

   It was a lovely Saturday, one in a long while with a lot of sun and warm, only slightly bit crispy weather.

We picked up some food from our favourite Waitrose on the way there and went off for a walk and a small picnic to Virginia Water park.

Moles have been busy

Lake with the Roman style bridge
Amazing view of the Virginia Water Lake

A bit of yummy pasta salad...
Blueberry Cupcake from Waitrose with the lake on the background
...and a bit of the dessert
Starting to look a lot like spring
Berries on a bush, branch
All bushes are going to start flowering in few months time

Ducks on the surface of the iced pond
Ducks are trying to break through the iced surface of the pond

   The Valley Gardens cover a whole lot of 250 acres.

  There are 3 allocated routes available: The Hilltop Route, The Discovery route and The Lakeside Route. The most beautiful time for the visits would be March, April and May, so Easter time is the best time to go there if you want to see a lot of colour and amazing blooms.
   It still the most common place which comes to my mind when I want to go somewhere for a long or short walk and just relax. Or have a picnic in the winter sun.

   If you have got kids, they will definitely enjoy the discovery route. And for the calm walk with your friend or loved ones the Lakeside Route would be the most appropriate.
Totem at the Virginia Water Park
Totem found on the Discovery Route
   Whereas if you have dogsies, you definitely prefer to use the Hilltop Route or the Cycling Route, as these two are the ones which have plenty of dog waste bins available.

   As you are finishing or starting the 4+km circle, you are presented with the ancient site. Leptis Magna is source of majority of the stones that were used to create The Ruins at Virginia Water Park. Leptis Magna used to be Roman City site on the shores of the Mediterranean near Tripoli, in present day Libya, today is just an abandoned site. There is a whole story behind it and definitely have a read through as you visit the park.
Girl on a horse, sunset in a park
Sun started to set

The Roman City of Leptis Magna

Girl walking in the forest
Coming closer to the lake from the Saville Garden Area
  All the route information can be picked up from the cafe house (Pavilion) as you enter the Virginia Water park or here:

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