"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" 2013

   I went to the cinema tonight to see a movie which I expected to be quite interesting, and really wanted to get into the head or Walter Mitty and see how does he dream. I am a dreamer myself, so I was intrigued to see what exactly the movie will be like and what the creator will choose to show us, viewers. Had a small doubt that it will be another slightly silly comedy with the jokes which are too old, but the movie well exceeded my expectations.
   There was already a movie with the same title in 1947, where the story tells about the pulp-fiction proofreader, who likes to imagine his life to be completely different and full of adventures in his head. Whereas his actual life is far from what he imagines. While you cant call the 2013 movie a remake, the story line is more or less similar to the original.
   The movie I saw tonight is about the negative assets manager, Walter Mitty, working for the "Life" magazine, who, in order to run away from the troubles and boredom of his current life keeps fantasizing how he would save the world, the girl from another department and how he will beat the new acquisition manager up. In fact, in real life he just gets used up by everyone around him because of his forgiving character and, especially, because of his dreamy nature, where he starts dreaming and switches off from the reality in the middle of doing something - be it at work, on the phone or at the train station.
The Secret life of walter mitty 2013
"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (Image: New York Observer)
   He finds himself walking on the tight-rope of being made redundant by the company which acquired his current firm and trying to get hold of the 25th negative picture from the last set, which has image for the final cover of the last magazine and got lost.
   So Mitty is almost pushed to start a journey of finding a photographer who made this negative in order to get it back before the publishing deadline runs out and the journey which eventually changes his life and his outlook. Walter starts making less and less escapes into his dream land...
There is a twist at the end of the movie as well, which you might or might not expect.
(Image: Fubiz.net)

Ben Stiller was a producer for this movie and I think he's done rather well!

Definitely a movie to go and see with any type of your friend or family.

See trailer below:

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