Spring 2016 Beauty Favourite Products, Which Follow Me Into the Summer

   The spring has finally come to an end - last week's weather in UK made me think we skipped summer and jumped straight into the autumn. But from yesterday, the weather has got more and more gorgeous and I can smell the fresh cut grass in the evening.
   Now, throughout the entire spring I have been using and accumulating some beauty favourites of mine and I would like to share those with you. They seem to work well for me and I will be definitely repurchasing them all when they run out.

   I will go through each section of my body step by step below: what I use, when and what part of my body for.

    My hair favourites: Hairspray By Lee Stafford "Climate Control" it comes with style memory to hold and keep hair under control and prevents hair from frizzing up in humid weather conditions or prevents flyaways when its windy. It's nice and compact size allows me to take it with me for the trips when we travel by car and also I can pop in into my handbag when I am going into London for a full day of meetings or for an event.
   Straightening Serum/Spray by John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight is a semi-permanent styling spray for curly or wavy hair. My hair is wavy and especially when its humid, like most of the days in UK, it does not want to hold the shape I styled it into originally. I sit there with the hairdryer and do my best, hair looks instagram worthy and 5 minutes later it returns to some hot mess when I step outside. With this serum hair stays the way it should for 2 or 3 days, until I have to wash it again. It is funny, because when I bought this straightening John Frieda serum, I used it once or twice and thought it was not worth the money. Then few weeks later I was desperate for a good hold for my hair. I took it out, used it again and fell in love, with the way how it held my hair and was not leaving any residue on top of it. Thus not making my hair greasy quicker than it should. And I went from "Oh, I wish I would finish this bottle asap, to I wish, this serum will never run out" :)

   My face favourites: KIKO Hydrating Mask - I will be honest, I love KIKO make up lines,but I was a bit apprehensive towards their face care products. I bought this hydrating face mask to try and it makes your skin super smooth, like a baby and gives it a nice glow. I use it twice a week and even though I have a sensitive skin, it works very well for me. I don't even use any other mask right now, apart from the purifying clay.
   Yves Rocher Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin -  I got this one when I was in Belgium and it replaced my Nivea micellar water, which I ran out of. It does what it should and it doesn't make my face go patchy or dry, like some of the previous ones I tried did. So I enjoy using this micellar water and would repurchase again, providing I find Yves Rocher counter on one of my journeys or when I go home for a holiday.
   Dzintars Opera Ideal Moisturising BB cream with SPF 20  - in the shade Illuminate, this one I got from Latvia. Dzintars is a very famous brand there, all organic ingredients and this company has been making their products over one and a half century now. I like and rely on their hair and face products, as they have always worked for my mum, friends and myself. You apply this BB cream and it makes your skin a bit dewy and soft, same, as you would use your phone front camera with a beautifying effect on. And this Dzintars BB cream works wonders, same as the likes of Korean and Japanese BB creams, such as Missha BB, but only for a fraction of their cost. I have a moment of proudness, knowing that the small country I come from could make something so good and popular.
   Now onto my Decorative favourites: MARVIS Toothpaste - my new supply, I got from Italy last month. I enjoy all of their flavours and as you can see, I got some big packs and some smaller ones to take them with me when I travel. At the end of this month we will be travelling to Italy again, so I guess I can safely leave those at home. Marvis toothpaste does clean teeth very well and doesn't matter which taste you pick, you will still have a nicely fresh and minty breath. The only difference the Marvia Aquatic Mint one is a minty mint, so strong that some might loose sensitivity of their tongue after brushing with it for few minutes and the Marvis Amarelli Licorice is a softer mint with the addition of some Licorice flavour to it.
   Loreal Eyeshadow Palette - "La Palette Nude" in Rose - I know I am quite late to blog or even mention about this palette, as things in the beauty world move on quickly nowadays, but I do really

   Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner in Black 01 - I did stop and swatched it few times at the Guerlain counter, but always thought will get it sometime later, when the "special occasion or inspiration" arrives. And it did. In the face of Lydia from LydiaEliseMillen blog. She  has mentioned it in her video a while back and after her explanation how the typical eyeliner smudges and flakes off after the busy day or a hot day, I decided to get his particular Guerlain liner, as Lydia promised it would not flake off and it did not dissapoint me. Now Guerlain has really got the place #1 in my eyeliner list - it is so fluid, and hold and shine it gives to your eye flick is unmistakable. I was torn between brown and black shades, as I have blue eyes and sometimes black can be too harsh, but not with this one - I find the black shade works good for me.

   Now onto the last two products for my face care favourites: As I mentioned above, I only use the hydrating mask and the purifying mask for my skin at the moment. I have already showed and explained to you the hydrating one, now its the turn of the purifying mask.
   This one is by Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque. It looks grey and is a consistency of a wet clay. It applies like a dream, washes off like a dream as well. As if you have used the clay masque, you know how much of a pain it is to take it off your face. And this Primrose Cleansing Masque leave my pores free and clean. And skin nice and with a subtle glow. I use it once a week and with my sensitive skin it doesn't give me any problems at all - it does not dry up the skin or does not tug on it while you are waiting for you 10-15 min to pass. And the masque smells divine!
Aesop Camellia Nut Facial Serum Cream Jar
   The one which goes after the masque is my Aesop Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream. Its got an airy consistency, doesn't block your pores and is soaked in by your skin like a dry sponge soaks in water. Because it is a hydrating cream I use it in spring and summer, and use a nourishing cream in winter and autumn, and I have got a 120ml version of Aesop Camellia Nut cream, meaning it will last me through to next year most likely. You need a very small amount. So, if you are not slathering the product across your body as well you could do with Aesop's 60ml bottle easily. It is an advise for someone like me, who could not decide whether I should get a small or a big jar when I was buying it. Oh, have I mentioned it smells delicious yet?

What are the products you are taking into the summer with you? Any good body cream recommendations?

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