Seasonal and Christmas Cards

   I am sat in bed right now, sucking on "Fisherman's Friend" Menthol lozenges, as being ill with the throat hurts and writing a mini post for you.
   Its about those little things, that matter, like greeting cards, and especially the one of the winter season - Christmas and New Year ones.
   I have signed and posted all of them pretty much, leaving out only a few, which I am going to confirm the address on as people have moved or the ones which I am going to deliver by hand, since some of my friends live very nearby.

   Being the person who likes receiving cards, I also like sending those, most of the times hand made, and sometimes, when I am super busy or ill (always happens only once a year, just before or during Christmas..yeah) I will buy the prettiest, fairy tale looking ones and then spend hours writing the essays inside every little card. I bet the receivers love me for that. But I always like to think that I have written everything inside from the heart and in the sincere manner and that way I can give a part of that warmth to the person on the other end as well.

Christmas Cards scattered with envelopes and stamps, pen

How do you go around sending your Christma holiday cards?
Do you make them in advance or just buy and quickly sign?

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