County Boundary and Boris

   I woke up today and since the very morning the weather was amazing - felt like spring is here, plus 13 outside and sun, sun sun all around! Weather decided to make sure everyone knows that its 1st of March today!
   We had a slow breakfast in the sun in the living room, with wide opened windows and fresh fruits and went off one to play, the other one to catch up online with the lecture I missed out early this morning on.

   Once it was done, it was time to go out and explore - Mr. A decided to pick a new location himself today. So I just went with it. And we ended up in the surroundings of Yateley.  A cozy little village and the one which has a point where two counties meet each other...

    We abandoned the car and off we went. Through the woods and along the fresh stream...

   Across the bridge into the  enchanted early spring forest.

   Sun was so bright, that it was a fist day I have officially taken my sunglasses from their shelf again. Which I am not wearing on the photo below :) 

   Pink blossom is always the sign it is spring and the frost and cold, wet weather has left back where it came from. 

   We have also made a new friend, called Boris. If you are wondering where I know his name from, I found that out after exploring many of his tokens on the collar, one of which said: "Please, dont feed Boris". He was very cute and friendly, we left him lazily stretching in the sun and proceeded to explore the neighborhood further.

   Everytime I see the pink blossom tree, I remind myself how much I want to buy a house one day and I will have that tree by the entrance to put a smile on every passer by and my future visitors. 

   We tried to understand how deep the river was by the ruler below, but couldnt work it out. If someone knows how to do it, please, tell.

   Passed by the daffodil house, which looks a bit American and is very pretty...

   River, which separates the huge wedding venue on one side and the walking path through the woods on the other...

   And we finished our walk with some small village, looking like it just came off the movie set about Red Indians. With the smoke signals and horses all around...

   And last, but not least - as soon as we got home, I just had to have some runny boiled eggs. Which are my absolute favourite :-P

    I hope you all had a chance to go and spend some time outside in the sun for the first (day) of March!
Until then x

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