Tale of few cities (Tres Cantos)

It all started last week, when my Mr. decided it would be good we visit Spain. It sounds good, but the plan had a little twist - we drive to Spain from UK, spend a week there, and then we drive to Hamburg for a day or two and back home.
Sounds exciting.

We took off at 3am on Sunday morning, to reach Eurostar train on time  (6:21am). Had our breakfast there, and in 45 minutes we reached Calais.

From there it was just driving non-stop. Or with a few stops to see some interesting bits, like the Bordeaux region in France...

Bordeaux region in France, grapes,vine

Bordeaux Lavender, france, blossoms
Lavender here is huge, bushes are up to my breast and very fat blossoms...

As we approached the middle of France, it started to become quite unbearably hot (+32 - +34). Aircon was there to help.
As you stop and come out of the car to view the surrounding, and take some photos, the hot air would just wrap you up and stay like that, not wind, nothing, but surprisingly, it didnt feel bad, like it does in a more humid climate.

Or the beach on the French-Spanish border...with the most amazing gelato. Think of this: lovely creamy soft vanilla ice-cream, with chunks of soft meringue, caramel, marshmallow and a dash of liqueur. Heaven on Earth that was.

We had a short walk on the beach, watched the ocean and some yachts in a harbor and went on, to continue our journey.
harbour, spain
To keep us focused while driving, now and then we would switch on the eBook.

After we crossed Spanish border and entered the mountain zone, the heaven changed to bright yellow/orangey colour and it started to pour with rain, like we have never seen it before! Many lightnings would come up just in front of us, between two mountains ahead, as we continued driving.

Stormy sky, toll road, Spain
Just before the heavens opened
Later on, on the road, in the dark, we noticed a completely smashed car, resting on the small motorway fence, we stopped our car immediately, and went to see if we can help. Thank God, both girl and a guy were fine and not hurt, but the car - was a write off. They are locals and according to what they said, it rains like that very often, so they are used to the weather conditions and have been going quite fast... Car slipped and ended up impaled on a fence, after smashing about 40 meters of the fence.
We helped to install the triangle sign, waited until police and father of the guy arrived, and continued our journey.

It was "only" 5 hours left to drive... As night approached, we started to get more and more tired, and to be honest, I just wanted to stop somewhere on the side and have a 20 minutes snooze, as we started to feel zombie like.

Spanish omelet, egg, plate
My dinner (you can see we are in Spain already, as the omelet is present ;) )

But I wouldnt fall asleep, as Mr. had to drive and he also wasnt doing well at all. The last 1 and a half hour before we arrived  to our hotel was a pure torture... when we do this next time, we will make sure to break the journey in half and have some sleep somewhere in between.

Finally, soft cushions and amazingly soft bed were awaiting for us at about 1:47am of Monday, UK time...Zzzzzzz..

Until tomorrow.

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