Morning Wander in Grenoble

We arrived to Grenoble just after midnight, so on Monday morning.
Neither of us was able enough or interested in doing anything else as soon we reached the hotel room and saw the fresh, crispy white bed. There is no bed I like more than the hotel bed. Or the one in parents house. My mum is always the best in making those beds super comfortable, cool and warm enough at the same time and crispy, as if she is putting freshly bought linen every time I come to see them.

We woke up early, despite being very tired from the entire day of driving and visiting few cities in Spain, and first thing I saw in the window, as I put my head up, was this:

Something you don't get to see very often. I have always loved mountains and clouds.
We jumped in the shower, made few calls to my network provider, as my phone would work in any other country, but refuse to work in France, and after this was sorted, we checked out of the hotel and went to get some brunch.

Going through the streets of Grenoble, we spotted a friendly cafe/pub with locals having their food outside. It is always a good sign and so we went in.

Tiny tiny herb filled ravioli parcels in a cheese sauce
Despite I went for simple ravioli, those were the best ones I had in a very long time, almost as good as the ones at Ginos, Spain.

Meal was so good and satisfying, I was feeling the taste in my mouth looong time after we left the cafe and went for a wander in the town. It was lunch time, so many locals were out eating and running their errands.
After a while, it was time to escape to that mountain we kept eyeing since the last night.
We went up by car and the incline was so steep, that my legs started to shake..
Steep hill, 30% incline

The view from above was well worth it, when we reached the top.

Hidden, there layed the fort as well, with the funicular going back to town. A long way down.

The funicular, which we didnt go on...

Definitely coming back soon.

After we spent sometime on the top of the highest mountain there and enjoying the amazing view, it was time to head to Hamburg.

More about our journey to Germany in the next post.

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